About Data & Scientific Inc.

Data & Scientific Inc. was established in 1989 in Ontario, Canada, as an independent software vendor. With over thirty employees and offices strategically located in North America and International markets, the company provides business-to-business solutions to clients worldwide.

Data & Scientific operates two websites: www.datasci.net and www.eagleserve.com. The datasci website covers our authentication, access management, network security, data security services and our corporate presence. The site eagleserve.com caters to our e-Commerce, hosting and payment system services customers. The company's business solutions are defintely state of the art enabling us to meet the needs of large and mid-size clients from both public organizations and private sector enterprises from banking, oil and gas and telecommunications industries.

Our database firewall screens and prevents all unexpected queries from reaching the database engine for execution.

Our mission is to meet the business needs of our clients worldwide through innovative business management solutions and a combination of technology, research and an unflinching commitment to customer satisfaction.

Business profile

Data & Scientific has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada but currently operates in four countries. Our major account customers are primarily the public sector, banking, Oil & Gas, education, manufacturing, retail and insurance industries.

The company devotes considerable resource annually to research effort on database security. Senior engineers are required to keep abreast of current literature. Our database security service is without a doubt in the top league combining Transparent Database Encryption service with our database firewall to secure any database.

The consultancy services at Data & Scientific remains vibrant and continues to be increasingly accretive to our bottom line every quarter largely due to the caliber of our software project managers.

PKI and Trust Engineering - Our Trust Token®and the supporting cloud platform will continue to guarantee trust in any digital environment.


Encryption Key Management and HSM Integration Services

  • Do you need to generate Strong Encryption Keys or need impregnable Storage for the Keys then you need a pair of HSMs?
  • Do you need to Purchase, Integrate your Legacy Applications with HSMs to enhance their security?
  • Do you need HSMs or help with HSMs from Thales or Gemalto (SafeNet)?

HSM ==> Hardware Security Module

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The Trust Token®

The Trust Token is a highly secure data security solution comprising hardware and software in small form factor.

Hardware is necessary to make it hard or even impossible for the intruder or hacker to break or counterfeit.

The software provides the engineering flexibility to create incredibly mind boggling solutions to business problems.

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Cutting Edge Business Solutions

All the software solutions currently offered by Data & Scientific are delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). The services are delivered via our scalable Cloud services infrastructure which has VMware technology at its core. The company is a VMware partner. The company integrates over thirty years of software engineering experience with world class Hardware Security Module (HSM) technology from SafeNet and Thales to bring world class cost effective PKI solutions to the market.

tVault - The Digital Safe

Most businesses own a safe often located somewhere in the building usually located away from the heavy traffic area of the building. The safe could be from small to big to very large and/or intimidating (in the case of banks) depending on the size and nature of business. In the digital world the same should be true. Every business should own and will eventually own a digital vault. Frankly we all carry a very small digital safe in our wallets everyday - the credit card.

A smart credit card does not store a large amount of data - just a few private keys at most. However, it does the job very well. The chances of success by a regular person successfully breaking into a credit card to retrieve the keys inside is virtually nil.

The tVault is a secure box for storing high value digital assets. The tVault should be part of the defense armoury of every businesses in the defense of their corporate databases - defence against the hackers and disgruntled insiders who see the corporate database as the new "Pot of Gold".

Every business should own their own digital vault where corporate valuables and jewels such as design documents, trade secrets and electronic versions of Intellectual Property documentation are encrypted and kept securely with digital lock and key.

We currently would trust the banks to keep our cash and other high value tangible assets in the bank's safe deposits. We are able to do that because we can later always easily verify the quantity and state of those items at any time we have the need to do so. The assets are tangible. In the digital world high value assets are stored in bits and bytes - intangibles! Unfortunately in the knowledge industry for example , the knowledge of and the ability to use an asset for profit in practical terms often translates to "possession of". If a person possesses some digitized high value information on one's behalf who is to stop that person from using or taking advantage of the information for profit.

We do not normally trust the neighbour to not spill or use our piece of information? Digitized asset should be treated more or less like information. When the information has high value one keeps it to oneself. For the same reason every business will need to own some form of digital vault in the not too distant future to keep the digitized asset securely within the business.

Inside the tVault is a FIPS140-2 compliant HSM.

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In North America (Canada and US)

  • Our customers vary from medium size to the small size companies. They purchase our data security products integrated with HSMs from Thales or SafeNet.

  • We integrate key management, encryption solutions and HSM integration for the financial and insurance industry

  • We secure Oracle databases with Transparent Database Encryption and Oracle Database Firewall

  • Our PKI solution is used by a number of medium size businesses. Our e-Commerce platform is one of the biggest users of our PKI solution.

Export Market Operations

  • Our customers are mainly large government departments public sector.

  • The iMentor, our eLearning solution, is run by a number of university and college education market segments.

  • A number of universities currently use our PKI platform as the backbone for the Identity Management of their student population.

Our Partners

We have partnered with the companies listed below during the past several years in a continuing relationship which helps us to deliver the top quality services to our customers around the world.


SafeNet is now part of Gemalto. From Two Factor Authentication solutions to the integration of a good fit Hardware Security Modules (HSM) for your payment solutions, we can work closely with you towards the success of your next line of business project.


Behind all Enterprise level solutions to Identity and Authentication, Payments and Digital Wallets, Keys Management, there is the deployment of HSMs. We partner with Thales to ensure access to one of the most successful vendors of HSMs.


All our solutions run on Red Hat Linux and JBoss. We are here to work with your team in migrating from expensive hardware to redundant solutions based on commodity hardware running Red Hat Linux.


Database security and availability starts with virtualized AIX environment - Oracle RAC on AIX is the ultimate in database availability. Call us to deploy your DB2 on AIX or Oracle on AIX environment. A key to redundancy is virtualization AIX or Linux.


Our growing virtualization and cloud solutions are supported by VMware partner program allowing us to offer a wider range of benefits specifically when it comes to Hosting Services and e-Commerce development for our valued customers.


Two Factor Authentication (2FA) tokens in a smart card form factor offer the great convenience of your IAM solutions in your wallet. When you are tired of carrying around bulky token devices, we are here to switch you to smart card based authentication tokens.

Market Profile

Our customers vary depending on the country we operate in. The list includes:


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