About Data & Scientific Inc.

Data & Scientific Inc. was established in 1989 in Ontario, Canada, as an independent software vendor. With over thirty employees and offices strategically located in North America and International markets, the company provides business-to-business solutions to clients worldwide.

Since its inception Data & Scientific continually works with its clients to improve the range of products and services it provides, thus exceeding their expectations.

Data & Scientific software solutions and services embrace distinctive and cutting edge technology to help companies efficiently manage their business. These include human capital management; investment funds management; enterprise tax management; corporate e-learning management and Public Key Infrastructure & enterprise data security.

As technology evolves, the company's business solutions have become more sophisticated and reliant, servicing the needs of large and mid-size clients from public and private sector enterprises comprising the banking, oil and gas and telecommunications industries.

Data & Scientific offers its clients a portfolio of diverse expertise acquired from numerous projects completed in North America, the Caribbean and Africa. With the know-how and the proven track record to deliver large scale projects around the world, the company has built its reputation for delivering well executed projects, on time and on budget.

To meet the business needs of our clients worldwide through service and innovative business management solutions based on the combination of technology, research and an unflinching commitment to customer satisfaction.

Business profile

Data & Scientific commenced operations in January 1989 as an Oracle database and later Oracle applications deployment consulting Services Company. The company has diversified over the years. From 1989 to 2008 the company deployed Oracle database and ERP applications to customers in the finance industry and government departments around the world. The company was the sole driving force behind the sale and implementation of Oracle ERP applications to the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Data & Scientific builds and sells its own branded software solutions in addition to operating a vibrant IT infrastructure consultancy services division.


Cloud and Hosting Services

Data & Scientific offers infinitely scalable infrastructure for Application Hosting, Storage and Web Hosting and Ecommerce deployment.
Our Uptime in 2017 was 99.75%.

Our renowned "free 30 day" trial remains as popular as ever.


PKI, Identity Management and Authentication

The Key to Authentication and Trust is a PKI deployment. The keys have a life cycle which must be managed and active keys stored securely. We provide the critical keys to you stored on regular smart card or USB smart cards or you can access the keys from our digital vault via secure web service.

Whether you are issuing ID cards, or encrypting databases you need keys (or certificates). We manage your keys from the cloud so you can minimize your related infrastructure footprint.

Cutting Edge Business Solutions

All the software solutions currently offered by Data & Scientific are delivered as Software as a Service (SaaS). The services are delivered via our scalable Cloud services infrastructure which has VMware technology at its core. The company is a VMware partner. The company integrates over thirty years of software engineering experience with world class Hardware Security Module (HSM) technology from SafeNet and Thales to bring world class cost effective PKI solutions to the market.

e-Commerce Solution


Minimize your capital outlay in migrating your operations to an e-Commerce environment. We offer e-Commerce as a Cloud based service only. We shall at the start work to help you understand your business assets and policies, clearly identify your business goals then leave the rest to our platform.

Beyond online selling, Shopping cart, Invoice management, Comprehensive Analytics, Secure Administrative login are basic features of the BigMart platform. With BigMart your e-Commerce is ready to accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, PayPal and others.

eLearning Solution


Everything you need to automate the academic delivery, planning and administration at a College or University. This platform is a "University in the Cloud". Everything needed to automate online the management of an academic institution.

Registration, Records Administration and Maintenance, Content Preparation and Delivery. Every university and College needs a PKI implementation - iMentor is based on our proven PKI platform.

PKI and Keys Management Solution


The only way to secure that data is to hide it - encrypt it. The secret to encryption is very random numbers - generate the keys. The keys life cycle must be managed. The keys must be saved securely and must be available when needed without being exposed.

Keys safely delivered to your application via secure web service.

HR*Plus and Applicants Processing Software


If your company does its own hiring with the applicant processing done in house then our Applicant's Processing solution is for you. This product provides full feature applicant processing without the extras associated with HR software.The Applicant's processing software is available as SaaS or stand-alone application.

Capture the applicant's data all documentation directly into the database.

Track the hiring process step by step internally until completed.Encrypted database - compliant with HIPAA and PCI standards

Cutting Edge Cloud Services Infrastructure

Data & Scientific runs its own data center located in Toronto, Canada. The platform is based on VMware vSphere technology. The servers are densely packaged hardware from Lenovo and HP. The infrastructure is backed with redundant power supplies and Fiber Optics cabling and bandwidth supplied by Bell Canada.

The data center is provided with maximum physical and electronic security 24x7. Twenty four hour video surveillance cameras capture and record every movement within fifteen meters of the property.

SSL everywhere is the internal corporate policy on securing data in transit. This is integrated with our Transparent Database Encryption services. Internally within the organization all data at rest are encrypted. All personnel are vetted prior to being employed by the company.


Market Profile

Our customers vary depending on the country we operate in.

In North America (Canada and the US)

  • Our customers vary from medium size to the small size companies. They purchase our data security products integrated with HSMs from Thales and/or SafeNet.

  • Our e-Commerce solutions platform is used by a large number of small businesses.

  • The hosting and Cloud services have a large number of photographers, accountants and other professionals.

  • Our PKI solution is used by a number of medium size businesses. Our e-Commerce platform is one of the biggest users of our PKI solution.

Export Market Operations

  • Our customers are mainly large government departments public sector.

  • The iMentor our eLearning solution is run by a number of Universities and Colleges education market segment.

  • Several universities use our PKI solutions as the backbone to the Identity Management solution managing their student population.

Our Partners

We have partnered with the companies listed below during the past several years in a continuing relationship which helps us to deliver the top quality services to our customers around the world.


SafeNet is now part of Gemalto. From Two Factor Authentication solutions to the integration of a good fit Hardware Security Modules (HSM) for your payment solutions, we can work closely with you towards the success of your next line of business project.


Behind all Enterprise level solutions to Identity and Authentication, Payments and Digital Wallets, Keys Management, there is the deployment of HSMs. We partner with Thales to ensure access to one of the most successful vendors of HSMs.


All our solutions run on Red Hat Linux and JBoss. We are here to work with your team in migrating from expensive hardware to redundant solutions based on commodity hardware running Red Hat Linux.


Database security and availability starts with virtualized AIX environment - Oracle RAC on AIX is the ultimate in database availability. Call us to deploy your DB2 on AIX or Oracle on AIX environment. A key to redundancy is virtualization AIX or Linux.


Our growing virtualization and cloud solutions are supported by VMware partner program allowing us to offer a wider range of benefits specifically when it comes to Hosting Services and e-Commerce development for our valued customers.


Two Factor Authentication (2FA) tokens in a smart card form factor offer the great convenience of your IAM solutions in your wallet. When you are tired of carrying around bulky token devices, we are here to switch you to smart card based authentication tokens.

Head Office

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