Database Security

Database security has always been a part of the portfolio at Data & Scientific right from the very beginning. It started with securing Oracle Listener - several (eighteen, twenty or so) years ago. Database security has not only become more complex, requiring a combination of technologies but also it has taken on some extreme relevance and urgency as increasingly corporate databases are increasingly being seen by the "bad guys" as the new gold.

Today's reality is that if that database has any value, it is not highly secured and it has some exposure to the web somebody will hack it! Securing a high value database requires encryption keys. The keys must be generated, stored and fetched routinely securely. Keys tend to "multiply". In addition every key has a life cycle which must be maintained so the security of high value databases will often entail the deployment of PKI.

The good news is that Data & Scientific project managers and engineers will deploy the related PKI only if absolutely necessary and only at minimal costs. We call it small footprint PKI. We'll utilize components which are most likely already in use at the organization. Such PKI deployment can also serve corporate access needs of the organization in other areas.

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